PC 35 High Current Terminal Blocks

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The Phoenix Contact PC 35 High Current Terminal Blocks are PCB and pluggable mating connectors with a current carrying capacity of up to 115A. The plug connector can handle a wide wire range from 20AWG to 2AWG and makes connection utilizing the proven screw clamp termination method based on the tension sleeve principle. The connector features and unrestricted 600V UL approval give it international market potential. The Phoenix Contact PC35 High Current Terminal Blocks from the Combicon power range stand out as the most powerful field termination connector in the world.


  • Current capacity of up to 125A
  • Rated voltage (III/2) of 1,000V
  • Two-position 15mm pitch design with silver contact surfaces
  • Unlimited 600V UL approved devices
  • Surge voltage rated at 8kV


  • Power electronics
  • Frequency converters
  • Motor connections
  • Solar inverters