Radioline Wireless System

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The Radioline wireless system distributes signals easily with I/O mapping. Phoenix Contact's Radioline wireless platform offers wire replacement for simple I/O and serial communication. With software-free radio setup, Radioline offers a cost-effective wireless solution where it is too costly or not possible to run a wire.

The Radioline expansion modules offer direct connection of common industrial signals to the Radioline platform, eliminating the need for RTU or PLC devices.  Expansion modules are hot swappable and up to 32 modules can be added to a Radioline wireless module.


  • Easy, software-free configuration
  • High-speed communications, up to 500 kbps
  • Radioline wireless module operation in the 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz frequency range
  • Hot swappable modular I/O via expansion modules for common industrial signals
  • All-in-one wireless platform: I/O-to-I/O, I/O-to-Modbus, serial-to-serial monitoring


  • Oil and Gas
  • Water Waste/Water
  • Refinery
  • PLC/RTU extensions
  • Pump control
  • Tank level
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • PC/PLC/RTU interface