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The new UNO family of power supplies is the first generation of its kind from Phoenix Contact. This highly efficient power supply offers basic functionality in a compact design with outstanding quality standards.

With its high-power density in narrow housing, UNO POWER is the ideal solution for applications that require up to 100 W of power, particularly in compact control boxes, with its high-power density in narrow housing. The product’s high efficiency saves energy and ensures cool and durable control cabinet components. A high level of product quality ensures a reliable power supply with 24 and 12 V DC.

UNO POWER is designed for low cost, basic functionality applications. However, with a MTBF of over 700,000 hours, this option still ranks as one of the most reliable power supplies on the market.


  • Higher power density than competitors — by 10-20 percent — and tailored to all conventional 120 mm control cabinets
  • High efficiency — more than 90 percent — reducing energy costs
  • Basic functionality for 24 V DC and 12 V DC requirements, making it a reliable power supply for low-cost applications
  • Wide operating temperature range of -25°C to 70°C, making it flexible for all applications
  • Wide-range input of 85 to 264 V AC for worldwide use
  • More than 700,000-hour MTBF rating at full nominal load


  • Urban infrastructure
  • Machine engineering
  • Renewable energy
  • Any application requiring low-power solution