PCB connector with new SKEDD direct plug-in technology

Phoenix Contact
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The new SDC 2.5 connector system with SKEDD plug-in technology is the latest
innovation from Phoenix Contact. This new product will set a new standard for PCB
connection technology as it assures direct contact between the connector and the
PCB and eliminates the need for a plug-and-header combination.
These new connectors combine three characteristics in one product:

  • Direct plug-in technology to the PCB
  • Wire connections with push-in spring termination
  • Tool-free installation

The contact zone is made up of two flexible halves that bend easily, enabling the
contacts to easily adjust to plated-through holes on a printed circuit board. Upon
insertion, the contact has sufficient force to establish a gas-tight connection with no
special requirements for the PCB.
No tools are needed to connect to the PCB. To ensure a stable mechanical connection
to the board, the side of each connector has locking pins that expand with a simple
push of the orange locking tabs.


  • Push-in spring connection saves time during wiring: No screws need to be tightened
  • With a wire range of 24-12 AWG, the connector can accommodate most popular wire sizes
  • Direct plug-in onto the PCB eliminates the need for a plug-and-header combination
  • Design is cost-effective since only one component is now necessary, and the soldering process is eliminated
  • PCB is not subjected to additional thermal load during soldering, since this process for the connector is eliminated
  • 5.0 mm centerline
  • 1 to 16 positions
  • 12 A rating at 300 V
  • Space savings of up to 45 percent is achieved since the overall height of the SDC 2.5 is less than a plug-and-header combination
  • Up to 25 mating and unmating cycles provide for easy replacement or retrofitting