SPT 16 Series Power Terminal Block

Phoenix Contact
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Phoenix Contact's COMBICON power SPT 16 spring-cage PCB terminal blocks product is a fixed, one-piece printed circuit terminal block with a spring-cage wire termination design.

The SPT 16 provides fast wiring of conductors for power applications. Solid conductors and stranded conductors with ferrules can be applied without the use of tools. For stranded wires without ferrules, a screwdriver is placed into the actuation shaft to open the contact termination point. The screwdriver remains in the actuation shaft during wire placement to allow “two-handed wiring” by the installer. The result is reduced labor costs and reliable wire terminations.

The zigzag pin design allows for greater voltage and current capability in a compact package.

The SPT 16 product’s stackable design enables any combination of position sizes. Both right angle and vertical PCB-mount versions are available.


  • Voltage: 600
  • Current: 66A
  • Wire Size: 18-4AWG
  • Contact Spacing: 10mm
  • UL 1059: pending


  • Power Supplies
  • Inverters
  • Controllers
  • Drives
  • Motor Connections