PC 5 Series Power Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact

The PC 5 family of products consisting of headers and plugs. These products can be mixed and matched to make over 850 interconnect combinations. Headers consist of vertical and right angle, in both pin and receptacle (inverted) contact types. Through panel variants are also available. The through panel products can be attached to the panel with the tool free snap lock feature or via a pan head screw. Plugs are available with screw or spring wire termination. The spring contact is designed to meet the stringent requirements of AREMA. The spring style contact allows for fast time saving field or factory wiring. Plugs are available with or without mounting flanges. Also available is the Click and Lock latching feature. The Click and Lock is automatic latching with an audible click as part of the connector engagement. The connectors can easily be disengaged without the use of tools. Technical data: 2 - 12 positions Spacing 7,62mm Wire range 24 – 8 AWG Voltage: up to 600V UL Current up to 35 AMP UL.

Click and Lock provides secure connection against accidental pull out. Receptacle contact with added stainless steel spring for increased electrical performance of the power interconnect. Both screw and spring wire termination varieties are available providing flexibility depending on application criteria. TSPC for daisy chain application creating a power bus to multiple devices. Inverted option, placing the receptacle on the PCB to provide shock protection in applications where power is taken off the printed circuit board. Shield available for EMC protection.


  • Power
  • Frequency Converters
  • Power Supply Motor Connections
  • Drive Controls
  • Wind and Solar Power Stations