PLC High-Current Relay

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The PLC high-current relay is designed for applications requiring a nominal current rating of up to 10 amps or those that need to improve the electrical life of the contacts This relay is commonly used as a replacement for common "ice cube" relays to take advantage of the space savings.Installation time savings also are realized when using the press fit bus bars for the returns and for applying a voltage on the contacts. This means no more daisy chain wiring.


  • 14mm width save space over standard "ice cube" relays
  • Press fit bus bars reduce installation time as compared to daisy chain wiring
  • Base includes a reverse polarity and "kick back" doides to prevent relay and controller damage
  • 10 amp PLC Relays provide application reliability over traditional 6 amps versions when uncertain load conditions are present


  • Machine Builders
  • Factory Automation
  • PLC Interface Relays
  • Lamp and Motor Control