MKDS 5 Series Power Terminal Block

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The MKDS 5 series of printed circuit board terminal blocks offer high performance connection of wires up to 10 AWG. Wire termination is made by a standard screw driver. The long proven screw connection with tension sleeve technology is used. A patented integrated screw locking system (Reakdyne principle) prevents accidental loosening of the connection. The terminal blocks are quickly and reliably installed to the PCB with common wave solder processing. All the MKDS 5 products are rated at 30 amps UL. The HV style with zig zag pinning are rated at 600 volt UL. There are three spacing sizes to choose from based on the application requirements. Angled versions with a 35° wire exit allows for easier wire dress where other components or a cabinet wall may otherwise interfere. Double level terminal blocks for applications needing greater connectivity points in less PCB real estate are available. The top level is offset from the lower level for better accessibility of the wire termination screws. Wire identification marking on the terminal block can be provided, based on the user’s requirements. Marking helps to speed wiring time and reduce costly errors.


  • Screw connection, reliable wire installation without the need for special tools
  • 30 - 10 AWG offers wide flexibility in wire selection
  • 6.25, 7.62, 9.5 mm spacing for design options
  • Modular design enables ability to stack blocks creating any position size
  • Multi-level options provides greater density on the PCB
  • Available angled wire entry versions for wire dress out options
  • HV design with Z pinning for increased ratings up to 600 Volts


  • Drive Controls
  • Power supplies
  • Renewable Energy
  • Test and Measurement
  • Audio
  • HV/AC