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The W3579 and W3580 are ferrite-backed flex antennas designed for tight-quarter placement integration, for lower volume programs. These two 35x50mm antennas were optimized using the NXP NFC controller PN544, most commonly used for mobile phones and portable equipment. Both antennas are readily available for sampling.

Ferrite-loaded antennas are a fast solution to start proving concepts, but they are cost prohibitive for large volume programs primarily due to the ferrite materials used. To address this, Pulse is launching two new antenna concepts which follow design trends of major OEM equipment manufacturers in the security, mobile, and POS terminal industries use. Both antennas are expected to launch 3Q12,

The W7001 is an NFC stamp antenna designed for cost considerations. It consists of a flexible, conformable PCB with adhesive for quick, easy mounting. If needed, a specific connector and wire/cable assembly may be added as required by the individual integration. Target applications should focus on contact and non-contact short distances (10-35mm), such as payment applications.

The W7002 is an NFC wire loop antenna optimized on a plastic carrier. The carrier is designed to allow for small industry-sized screws for vibration-resistant considerations. The design can also accommodate a specific connector and wire/ cable assembly as required by the individual integration. Target applications should focus on non-contact mid range distances (30-100mm) such as security access applications.