Power Transformers for PoE Applications

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The PoE series consists of 22 powered device (PD) side PoE transformers for 3W, 7W and 13W output power levels. The transformers have 50 percent lower leakage than other PoE power transformers, reducing the need for inefficient snubber circuits and increasing overall power supply efficiency. Power supply efficiency is crucial for PoE applications because limited input power is available over the Ethernet cable. High-efficiency transformers directly increase the power that can be delivered to the powered device.


  • Designed with a choice of 3 output voltage for 3 levels of PD requirements:
  • 3W/Class 1
  • 7W/Class 2
  • 13W/Class 3
  • Meets isolation voltage specs for PoE applications defined in the IEEE 802.af standard for power over Cat5 Ethernet cable
  • Low power loss due to a primary side auxiliary winding to supply input power to the power IC
  • Industry standard footprints allow second sourcing if necessary
  • [RoHS compliant]
  • Cross referenced to popular many popular ICs


  • VoIP
  • Cameras
  • Building Access Systems
  • Battery Chargers for Mobile Phones
  • PDAs
  • Retail Point of Information Systems