Antenna Kits

Test board contains a PCB with a Pulse ceramic antenna mounted on the left side with a feed trace and a SMA connector (on the backside).  The box will also contain 4-5 discrete antennas.  Customers are encouraged to test the mounted ceramic for evaluation; and then install antennas on a customer PCB to test for comparison.   

Kit Part Number Kit Description  Part Search
W3008C-K BT/Zigbee/Wifi 
W3011A-K GPS
W3095-K GPS/Wifi (2.4Ghz)
W3056-K GPS/BT/Zigbee/Wifi (2.4Ghz)
W3012-K For European and North American Frequencies
W3014-K ISM 868/915 MHz Chip Antenna
W3079-K Ceramic Dual Band WLAN
W3092-K Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
W3796-K Composite 3G/4G 698 – 2700 MHz