Chip Inductors

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Pulse chip inductors provide high-quality filtering in mobile phones, wireless applications, digital cameras, disk drives and audio equipment. The inductors are also used in multi-purpose RF modules for telecom, automotive and consumer electronic applications. These chip inductors use wire wound technology with ceramic or ferrite cores in industry standard sizes and footprints.

From the ultra-small, low-profile 0402 series, which helps high-density layouts, to the 1206 series with up to 68 µH inductance, Pulse is able to meet all your needs in a wide variety of applications. These series are matched in performance to industry competition with full compatibility and operating frequency ranges.


  • High Q Values
  • Industry standard footprints and sizes
  • Large range of inductance values
  • High self resonant frequency


  • Network Equipment
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive Infotainment
  • Industrial Equipment