Embedded Wireless Antenna Solutions

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Pulse offers a wide range of embedded antenna solutions for wireless device applications. These simple and easy to mount ceramic, helical, and composite antennas require minimal ground plane which means saved board space and economical implementation.

Helical Antennas: High Efficiency 3D molded antennas for SMD process. Ideal for KeyFOB products and other small PCB footprint areas (ISM 315MHz, 2.4GHz, 1.575GHz, ISM 433MHz).

Ceramic Antennas: In-house ceramic manufacturing process allowing world's smallest and most efficient compact antennas. All frequencies available such as: WiFi, BT, BLE, Zigbee, ISM, GPS, WiFi & GPS, GPS/GNSS/BeiDou, Dual Band GSM.

Composite Antennas: Ideal for cellular type of applications (2G/3G/4G) requiring compact and efficient antenna form factors.


  • Small, compact size
  • High efficiency
  • Many dual and multi-band frequencies available when space is limited
  • High quality, economical
  • Simple, easy to mount


  • Servers
  • Gateways
  • Set Top Box
  • Access Points
  • Security Cameras
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Tracking devices