Isolation Power Transformers (SMD)

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PH9385NL is a series of high isolation power supply transformer drivers, with an isolation power rating of 4KVrms. Intended to operate in a fixed duty cycle Push Pull topology, it is a part of a low cost solution for delivering lower power (up to 2.5W) from a low voltage source. A typical implementation would be an isolated RS-485 power supply driver circuit, the design is compatible with the MAXIM™ MAX253 IC.

For a fixed 50% duty cycle mode of operation, the output voltage is simply determined by the input voltage and turns ratio. So, with the available turns ratios, a variety of output voltages can be selected. This range can be extended by implementing different topologies such as forward or bridge and can be used with controllers offered by different IC vendors for a number of different applications.


  • Push Pull Converter Transformer
  • Designed to provide isolated power for RS-485, CAN, ModBus transceiver and other communication interfaces
  • 5KVrms isolation
  • Compact and cost effective industrial design
  • Patent Pending