Outdoor Omni Directional Antenna

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This omni directional antenna operates in the frequency ranges of 430-440 MHz and860-930 MHz. The antenna is ideal for communications requiring omni-directional radiation patterns in an outdoor operating environment. The RO3ISMNM is suitable to be mounted with full exposure to wind, rain, snow, high temperatures and sun exposure. The antenna is also DC grounded for lightning protection.

Measuring 21” and featuring a Type N Male connector allows the antenna to be deployed via pole mounts or directly to radio chassis. Stable radiation patterns and gain across all frequencies make install and network performance consistent through all supported radio channels.


  • Supports ISM and unlicensed bands across North America and EU IP67
  • Stable gain and radiation patterns across all operating bands
  • RoHS Compliant


  • ISM
  • 430-440 MHz EU Amateur radio
  • 860-930 MHz