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Pulse outdoor antennas are wind rated to 100 MPH, are IP (Ingress Protection) rated at 65, 67, 68 and are constructed of UV resistant materials. The new SLPT (Shadow Low Profile Transit) product line for Public Safety, WLAN, LTE and 3G/4G applications. These rugged, aesthetically pleasing antennas provide a smaller, slimmer option to our current LPT product line without sacrificing mechanical or electrical performance. The product line includes both NMO and tamper-proof direct mount products, which will support multiple cable and connector options.

SLPT antennas were designed to perform over the high-percentage bandwidth applications prevalent in today’s market. As a new product line, these antennas were created specifically to serve emerging applications such as 700 MHz Public Safety, LTE, Smart Grid and WLAN. These value-oriented antennas provide a cost-effective, high-performance solution for LTE and 802.11n MIMO applications as well.

SLPT NMO mount (SLPTNMO) antennas are designed to mate perfectly with the Pulse/Larsen NMOHF (high frequency) mount. The NMOHF mount easily converts from low to high frequency applications and back simply by pulling or replacing the center pin and insulator. The larger center contact pin provides for additional strength against downward compression during low frequency installations, resulting in better low frequency VSWR.

For optimal frequency matching, the high frequency and multi band SLPT antennas are designed with an industry-unique coax-type connection which plugs into the Pulse/Larsen NMOHF mount in its high-frequency configuration (i.e. center pin and insulator removed).
NMOHF mounts are available with a variety of cable and connector options. There is also a thick mount version for surface applications up to 1/2" thickness using a standard 3/4" hole. The NMOHF mount is also available in a magnetic mount (NMOMMR) and a mirror bracket (NMOKHFMB).


LTE/GPS Direct Mount Antennas
- Roof mounted LTE/GSM/WiFi/GPS
- 3 cables for maximum performance
- GPSDM700/2500
> Cable 1: 698-960/1710-2170/2300-2700 MHz
> Cable 2: 2400-2485 MHz
> Cable 3: 1575 MHz
- GPSDM700/5800 (black) / GPSDMW700/5800 (white)
> Cable 1: 698-960/1710-2170/2300-2700 MHz
> Cable 2: 2400-2485/5150-5850 MHz
> Cable 3: 1575 MHz
- IP-65 rated and UV protected

Shadow Low Profile Transit Series
- Low profile
- Frequencies from 698 MHz to 5.9 GHz
- Ideal for use on the NMOHFGPS mount
- Single and dual band models
- Industrial form factor


  • WLAN
  • 3G/4G
  • LTE