Telecom Magnetics

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Pulse is a leading provider of magnetics for telecom infrastructure equipment, customer premises equipment, and audio interface applications. Their broad portfolio of transformers, integrated transformer modules and common mode chokes support T1/E1/ISDN-PRI, T3/E3/STS-1, ISDN-S, ISDN-U, Digital Audio, and DDS.

Package options include surface mount, through hole, single, dual, quad and octal, covering standard and extended temperature ranges. Many parts meet ANSI, ITU, and ETSI requirements, and many are recognized by UL, TUV, Austel and/or CSA.


  • Qualified at IC manufacturers
  • Broad portfolio of transformers and common mode chokes
  • Extensive range of packages
  • Meet various telecommunications standards


  • CO Line Cards
  • WAN Access Equipment
  • Remote Access Servers
  • Base Stations
  • Bridges and Routers
  • PBX Equipment
  • CSU/DSU Equipment