Vehicle Antenna Panter GPSMB501

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Pulse Panther Series is a roof mount antenna with five connectors, two each for LTE and WLAN and one for GNSS(GPS and GLONASS). This compact, aesthetically pleasing solution combines ideal radiation performance for today’s demanding propagation environments with optimum isolation characteristics ensuring highest data rates possible.

The GPSMB501 is a versatile antenna for modern technology equipped vehicles. The Panther antenna series is well-suited for Police, Ambulance, Fire and other public safety which may be transmitting camera video and other mission critical information either through the LTE andWLAN channels. Likewise, commercial mass transit and tour bus operators benefit from entertainment transmission over high capacity LTE networks. Global positioning capability is supported via the integrated GNSS antenna switch cover both the traditional GPS and the Russian Glonass satellite systems.


  • Supports MIMO Cellular LTE 698-960 MHz / 1695-2170 MHz / 2300-2700MHz / 2900-3600MHz
  • Supports MIMO WiFi 2400-2500 MHz / 4900-5900MHz
  • Supports GPS & GLONASS
  • Direct Mount and optional Magnetic Mount features
  • See GPSMBMM for magnetic mount details


  • Telematics
  • Location based services
  • First Responders (Police, Ambulance, Fire)
  • Government
  • Energy (Utility Vehicles)
  • Fleet Management