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Rohm has been manufacturing LEDs since the 70’s. All this experience makes them a premier LED supplier of both visible and IR LEDs. Look to ROHM for AEC-Q101 Automotive quality parts, Industry-leading Single Rank/Single Bin LEDs, and cost-effective IR LEDs and phototransistors. ROHM LEDs are available in surface mount or through-hole packages and mono, dual, and triple color options.


Surface Mount LEDs (Mono-color type)
ROHM's lineup of Surface-mount Chip LEDs are divided in Standard and Automotive Grade. They include compact type, high power type, side emitting type, and rear mount type. SML-D15xx are Single Rank parts.

Surface-Mount LEDs (Multi-color type)
ROHM's lineup of Multi-color Chip LEDs includes compact type, high brightness type, and side emitting Chip LEDs in addition to the standard types. Both Dual and Triple color are available. 

LED Lamps (Mono-color type)
ROHM's lineup of through-hole LED lamps includes a wide range of product groups, including 3mm and 5mm type, high-brightness and high-reliability, and a selection of viewing angles for exterior displays.  

Infrared (IR) LEDs and Phototransistors
IR LEDs suitable for remote-controllers and optical communication equipment. High reliability/high-sensitivity phototransistor used in conjunction with infrared LEDs in pairs.