AC/DC Converter Control IC for SiC Drive - Industry's First

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Until now, there has not been a control IC that can sufficiently draw out the performance of SiC MOSFETs, particularly in AC/DC converter systems. ROHM's BD7682FJ-LB provides a highly integrated solution and creates new standards for energy savings and miniaturization while supporting the adoption of SiC power semiconductors that provide breakthrough levels of efficiency and performance.

Compared to standard silicon MOSFETs used in conventional AC/DC converters, SiC MOSFETs help improve AC/DC converter efficiency by up to 6%. Furthermore, components used for heat dissipation are not required (in 50W Class power supplies), leading to greater space saving efficiencies.


Key Features

  1. Maximizes SiC MOSFET performance for breakthrough energy savings
    The BD7682FJ-LB integrates a gate drive circuit optimized for a SiC MOSFET drive by combining analog design technology with SiC power semiconductor development expertise. In addition, a quasi-resonant system delivers lower noise and higher efficiency vs conventional PWM methods, making it possible to maximize the performance of SiC MOSFETs used in AC/DC converters, resulting in significant power savings.
  2. SiC MOSFET contributes to unmatched miniaturization
    Unlike with conventional silicon MOSFETs, adopting SiC MOSFETs (which feature superior performance at high temperatures) in AC/DC converters eliminates the need for components used for heat dissipation, contributing to smaller, lighter AC/DC converter designs. Support for higher switching frequencies (i.e. 120 kHz) is also ensured, expanding applicability while improving efficiency and lowering magnetic component costs (such as inductors).
  3. Multiple protection circuits support high voltage operation up to 690VAC
    Multiple protection circuits enable high voltage operation in AC/DC converters up to 690VAC – ideal for general 400VAC industrial applications. And in addition to overvoltage protection for the supply voltage pin and a brown in/out (undervoltage) countermeasure for the input voltage pin, overcurrent and secondary overvoltage protection functions are included, ensuring continuous operation in industrial equipment while improving reliability considerably.

SiC MOSFET Advantages
SiC MOSFETs provide several advantages over standard silicon MOSFETs in the high voltage region, including lower switching and conduction losses, high power compatibility, and increased resistance to temperature changes. Leveraging these benefits makes it possible to improve power conversion efficiency, miniaturize components for heat dissipation, increase operating frequency to support smaller coils, and more, resulting in increased power savings, lower component count, and smaller mounting area.


  • Industrial equipment
  • AC Adaptor
  • Household appliances