Linear Potentiometric Position Sensor 9600 Series

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Designed for a variety of space-limited feedback applications that require high accuracy. The BEI Sensors 9600 Series Linear Position Sensor is ideally suited for use where reliability in a harsh operating environment is a primary consideration. Industrial, vehicular, appliance, machine tool and robotic applications benefit from the unit’s high-temperature stability. The solderable terminal tabs, suitable for use with .110” (2.8mm) PDQ styled crimped wiring lugs, and durable spring-loaded plunger, make installation and operation easy.

The 9600 Series is available in three standard sizes and provides excellent life at 1,000,000 full cycles (5 million dither cycles), which means high reliability in demanding


  • Range of Motion 12.7 to 38.1mm 
  • Standard operating temperature of -40C to +135C 
  • Built to last in harsh environments with extended temperatures


  • Industrial 
  • Vehicular 
  • Appliances 
  • Machine Tools 
  • Robotics