DIN Rail Solid State Relay NOVA22 Series

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NOVA22 are innovative and powerful solid state relays in a 22.5mm wide package. NOVA22s are available in AC and DC models with ratings up to 35 amps in a DIN Rail mount package or 95 amps in a Panel mount package. The unique range of connections, screw or spring cage input terminals and use of standard or elevator screw, make the NOVA22 family the most versatile relays in the market.


  • Comes in DIN Rail and Panel Packages
  • Only DIN Rail 22.5mm package that is rated up to 35 AMPs 
  • Designed with the innovative elevator output screw which allows the use of ring & lug terminals on an IP20 package
  • Zero Voltage or Instantaneous Turn-on options 
  • Optional built-in overvoltage transient protection 
  • 600 VAC or 200VDC models 
  • LED input status indicator allows for easier troubleshooting


  • OEMs 
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Building Equipment 
  • Energy & Infrastructure 
  • Transportation