Pressure and Temperature Sensor 112CP Series

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The 112CP series combined pressure and temperature sensors delivers the benefit of both pressure and instream temperature sensing in a single, robust integrated package. The pressure transducer is a 0–5 Vdc output design that requires no end–user amplification. Similar to other Sensata pressure transducers, the voltage output is ratiometric to supply voltage. With a data conversion circuit referenced to supply voltage, accuracy can be maintained regardless of supply voltage variation. In addition, the circuit design includes linearity compensation, providing improved accuracy performance. The temperature sensor is an NTC thermistor (resistance decreases with increasing temp) with either 10K or 100K Ohm value @ 25C. Unlike other integrated packages, Sensata’s PT Sensor places the thermistor directly in the measurement medium (fluid stream), which provides faster response time and greater accuracy over encased or pipe–mounted thermistors.


  • Pressure and temperature measurement in one package 
  • Fast, in-stream temperature measurement 
  • Precise superheat measurement


  • HVAC/R Compressor Controls 
  • HVAC/R Chillers 
  • HVAC/R Subcool or superheat measurement 
  • HVAC/R Home Heating Boilers 
  • Alternative energy management 
  • Engine Controls & Monitors 
  • Compressors & Pumps 
  • Furnaces