Incremental Optical Encoder H25

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The H25 is the flagship of the BEI Sensors product line. It was designed from the ground up for the industrial marketplace. The H25 offers features such as EMI shielding, 40 lb. ABEC 7 bearings, matched thermal coefficients on critical components, and custom high-efficiency optics. The encoder meets NEMA 4 and 13 requirements when ordered with the shaft seal. Typical applications include machine control, process control, the wood processing industry, oil well logging, industrial weighing, agricultural machinery, textile equipment, web process control, robotics, and food processing.


  • Available in absolute, incremental, or programmable versions
  • 40 lb. ABEC 7 standard bearings
  • Dual preloaded bearing assembly 
  • Die-cast aluminum bearing housing with protective finish 
  • 416 stainless steel shaft 
  • Allows up to a 20-year service life when installed properly
  • Built to last in extreme environments
  • Intrinsically safe and nonincendive certifications available



  • Machine Control 
  • Process Control 
  • Wood Processing Industry 
  • Oil-Well Logging 
  • Industrial weighing 
  • Agricultural Machinery 
  • Textile Equipment 
  • Web Process Control 
  • Robotics 
  • Food Processing