Aurora Series Connector

Smiths Interconnect
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The Aurora Series is Smiths Connectors COTS Plus 2mm hard metric connector for Compact PCI applications.  This intermateable solution meets the requirement of fretting corrosion encountered in Commercial Aviation, Space and Defense markets whilst delivering a broad set of features and benefits to customers by addressing their high-reliability connectivity needs.
The Aurora Series features enhanced gold plating with 1.27μm coverage on contact mating surfaces. This gold thickness provides significant durability, improved contact resistance stability (25% better than COTS after test cycle) and high resistance to fretting. This ultimately lowers total system cost by increasing Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) by approximately 40%.
The Aurora Series is COTS compatible, allowing for reduced non-recurring costs due to common tooling and board layout.  Additionally, Aurora is lubricant-free which reduces the occurrence of secondary contamination while offering electrical stability throughout the product’s life.  


  • COTS 2 mm Footprint Compatible
  • Robust to harsh environments
  • Long contact life cycle
  • Low insertion/extraction force
  • Bifurcated contact system
  • 55, 110, 125 signal contacts
  • Mounting Style: Straight, Right Angle
  • Termination length: 3.70+/-0.20mm (Vertical) 3.0+/-0.20mm (Right Angle)
  • Mating Pin Length: 9.75+/-0.20 mm


  • Commercial Aviation
  • Defense
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Rail
  • Space