KGA Series High Density, PCB Connectors

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KGA Series connectors are high density, PCB connectors available in two styles: plug (with pins) to receptacle (with sockets) and pin carrier (bed of nails) to receptacle (with sockets). The connector can be configure with pin counts from 4-90 and carry a current rating of 2.5A.

Featuring the legendary Hypertac® Hyperboloid Technology, KGA offers the superior attributes such as high cycle life, shock and vibration immunity, low insertion / extraction forces and high current rating.


• Parallel board connectors
• .018 (0.45mm) pins
• Two rows on 0.100 (2.54mm) x 0.100 (2.54mm) centers
• Alignment pins and keying hardware available
• As little as 0.240” (6.1mm) or 0.480” (12.2mm) between boards
• Very low mating forces
• Plugs and carriers have male contacts
• Receptacles have female contacts


• Defense
• Space