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F Series is rectangular modular coupler designed to secure signal transmissions in the sensitive area located between coaches of all types of rail vehicles, from high speed trains to metros and trams.

The F series is equipped with modular inserts offering a combination of fibre optics, high speed Ethernet twinax or quadrax, power and standard hyperboloid signal contacts. The connector's ruggedized aluminium shell guarantees an excellent resistance to the high levels of shocks and vibrations on-board rail vehicles. It also meets the requirements of harsh environments in terms of corrosion resistance (500 hours minimum) and sealing (IP66 according to CEI60529).

The coupler range accepts multi-wires rigid cables and a large range of adapted shielded or unshielded cable glands enabling strong mechanical endurance under vibration The connector also guarantees a high level of mechanical endurance of the cables (up to 1 million swaying cycles) through the use of anchoring cable glands.


• Modularity mixed signal, power, coaxial, high speed and fiber optics contacts
• Rugged aluminium shell to resist to shock & vibrations
• Cable mechanical endurance
• up to 1 millions swaying cycles
• IP66 sealing according to CEI60529
• Rectangular format for space saving and higher contact density


• Rail