KS Series Rugged Docking / Portable Device Connectors

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The KS Series are high reliability docking connectors designed for data collection devices in the medical and light industrial applications. Used to transmit pertinent data, KS Series connectors provide the absolute reliability that these portable electronic devices require. From shrinking form factors to performance in the most rugged, remote environments.

KS Series connectors offer up to 100,000 mating cycles, immunity to shock and vibration, current carrying capacity up to 4 amps per contact and low insertion/extraction forces, eliminating the quality issues commonly associated with commodity connector solutions. To protect the pins and sockets, its design features recessed Hypertac® contacts within an insulator made from rugged, heavy-duty polymers that prevents cracking in extreme environments.

Provides industry-leading performance and unequaled reliability for heavy-use, data-critical applications such as docking stations for portable scanning devices or rugged mobile industrial computers.


• Cable to board connectors
• Single and dual row connector designs
• Up to 100,000 mating cycles
• Immune to shock and vibration
• Low insertion/extraction forces
• Minimal contact resistance
• Robust insulator design
• Broad temperature rating: -55° to 125°C
• Available “first mate, last break” system


• Docking stations
• Scanning devices
• Rugged mobile industrial computers
• Defense
• Medical
• Space
• Test & measurement