Nebula Series High Reliability SATA

Smiths Interconnect
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Smiths Connectors is introducing the Nebula series Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) 6-gigabit-per-second rugged connector for aerospace, defense and industrial rugged data storage applications.The Nebula series from Smiths Connectors (formerly Hypertronics Corp.) offers high speed data rates with 100 ohm impedance matching and minimal losses. The Nebula uses the industry-standard PCB soldering footprint to avoid changes to SATA drive layouts.


• Utilizes field proven Hypertac® contact technology
• Meets mechanical footprint of standard COTS SATA device connectors
• Optional quarter-turn locking feature available
• Straddle, vertical PCB and right angle PCB production products currently available
• All materials pass NASA outgassing requirements
• Rugged mechanical design including 50 μin of gold plating on all mating surfaces
• High speed design
• Long contact life
• Extreme rugged performance


• Harsh Environments
• Aerospace
• Defense