MIL-DTL-38999 Quadrax/Twinax

Smiths Interconnect
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Smiths Connectors offers a complete line of differential Twinax and Quadrax  connectors, contacts and cable assemblies for high speed Ethernet, Firewire,  and Fibre Channel applications. Differential pair quadrax and twinax connectors and cable assemblies offer superior performance in high speed matched  impedance data-on-demand applications. The signal to signal and signal to shield characteristic impedance is maintained throughout the connector pair.  A true twinaxial connector interface ensures signal integrity while minimizing jitter and data rate errors.


  • Data rates exceeding 2 Gbit/Sec
  • Bandwidth: Up to 3 Gigahertz
  • Can be driven via matched impedance differential pair interconnections for board to board high speed data transfer
  • Ideal for reliable, high-speed transfer of digital audio/video signals


  • Alternative energy
  • Commercial aviation
  • Defense
  • Oil & Gas
  • Rail
  • Space