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Filtered rack and panel connectors include ARINC 404, ARINC 600 and MIL-DTL-83527 shell styles. Filtered rack and panel connectors are designed to meet or exceed all applicable requirements of each series and are intermateable and interchangeable with standard non-filter connectors.  Non-Filter applications can easily be upgraded to EMI/Transient protection without modification to the system through In-Line filter adapters. The adapters are designed to be installed between the existing plug and receptacle without having to re-wire or disassemble the system.


  • Intermateable and Interchangeable with standard non-filter connectors
  • Meet or exceed all applicable requirements of military specifications
  • Offered in a number of different contact arrangements and shell sizes
  • C, L, Pi filter types
  • Filtering technology (Planar Arrays, Discoidal) to suit application
  • Unfiltered (high speed) and ground lines
  • Transient Protection proven to RTCA D160F Section 22 levels 3,4 & 5
  • Protection against primary lightning, EMI and EMP


  • Defense
  • Space