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The HyperStac RX series is a Z axis interconnection solution designed for all types of micro-electronics applications of the Defense, Avionics and Space electronics applications requiring reliable and compact packaging solutions.
HyperStac RX connector series is equipped with Hypertac's proprietary solderless contact technology RFF. This technology is made of a double elastic wire loop, ensuring 4 different points of contact and offers a mechanical deflection of up to 1.2mm which compensates for surface tolerances between the modules.

Thanks to its very compact size (1.905mm pitch and contact height of 7.8mm) and its easy connection, the HyperStac ensures a full continuity of contact even in the harshest environments. In addition, its adaptable geometry enables to adapt the HyperStac connector to any type of packaging: MCM, square, rectangular, and is also available in strips of different sizes (30 contacts or more). Hypertac RX connector is ESA qualified.


• ESA qualified: ESCC 3401/076
• No soldering
• High contact density
• Compensation of surface contact tolerances


• Commercial aviation
• Space
• Oil & Gas