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Concentric twinax/triax contacts provide flexibility in the design of high speed data systems. The contacts, including the unique sizes 10 and 12, have the same outline dimensions as traditional coax and power contacts and fit various insert arrangements for d-sub, circular, and rack and panel connectors.  The triaxial cable type connectors and contacts are designed for low-loss concentric 50, 75 and 95 ohm cable types. An innovative design of triax/twinax contacts opens a whole new world of design options. These small, rugged contacts fit standard connector contact cavities for MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-83527, ARINC, and d-sub connector types. 


• Fit standard MIL-DTL-38999, d-sub and ARINC connector cavities
• Meet or exceed the applicable requirements of the military specification of MIL-C-39029/90 & /91
• Suitable for high speed video applications, 50, 75 & 95 ohm impedances
• Upgrade coax harnesses to triax capability
• Small size for high density packaging


• Commercial aviation
• Defense
• Industrial
• Medical
• Rail