Miniature Circular 38999 Style Connectors, Threaded, Break Away & Bayonet

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The micro38999 ranges are made to meet a new generation of applications where space and weight are limited The micro38999 is the first complete platform of miniature products available on the market with a 38999 design in order to be compliant with the harshest specifications for vibration, operating temperature, durability, corrosion resistance & EMI shielding.

Souriau’s Micro38999 range of metal circular connectors are designed for use where a small foot print connector with EMI shielding is desired. The product is field repairable with removable contacts and integrated back-shells designed for use with readily available bands, braids and preformed heat shrink boots for ease of installation. Available with RoHS compliant, Black Zinc Nickel plating to help designers comply with the latest environmental guidelines. Micro38999 connectors allow engineers to take advantage of miniaturization technology, realize cost savings by reducing envelope size while still offering feature rich connectivity.


• 3 coupling systems (Threaded, Bayonet or Break Away)
• 2 Materials (Aluminum and Stainless Steel)
• 3 plating options available (Black Zinc Nickel, Nickel or Cadmium)
• 3 sizes (size 3, 5 and 7)
• 5 body styles (Plug, In-Line Receptacle, Square Flange, Oval Flange and Flush Jam Nut
• 6 contact layouts from 3 up to 9 pins 6 insert orientations


• UAVs
• Infantry systems
• Aircraft cabin lighting
• Military communications
• Avionics
• Sensors