838 Series Circular Connector

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The 838 connector series is used for LV and MV electrical connections in harsh environments, with especially very strong mechanical and climatic constraints.

The typical applications of 838 connector series include rolling stock (intercoach connections, undercoach connections, equipment connections) as well as signalling and fixed electrical equipments (complying with NFF 61030 standard).

The 838 connectors are designed in aluminium alloy to enable a good compromise weight / robustness.

The square threads screw coupling withstand very strong mechanical endurance. A removable coding system allows the operator to choose between 12 positions for the cabling.

The 838 connector series is equipped with hard thermoplastic insulators enabling:
• a high mechanical and electric performance level,
• user friendly installation,
• a safe application guaranteed by:
    ◦ constant guiding and accurate alignment of male and female contacts in their cavities,
    ◦ a proven and robust mechanical retention of contacts in their cavities,
• respect of the fire and fumes demands conform to the NFF 16101 and NFF 16102 standards,
• shell plating is cadmium free therefore complying with environmental requirements.


• Enabling 500 mating-unmating
• Screw coupling with thin square thread for secure mating under vibration
• Traction force withstanding
• 30° panel mounting
• Versatile insert with reverse gender
• 360° shell shielding permit to reduce signal perturbation
• Polarization system enabling: keying of insert can be done on the field
• Shells plating are cadmium free: Alodine 1200 plating
• Inserts are halogen free and without PBB nor PBDE


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