8525 Series Circular Connectors (EN3646)

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Plugs, receptacles and accessories manufactured from stainless steel or light aluminum alloy with black anodized (non-conductive plating), nickel plating (conductive plating), olive drab or yellow cadmium (conductive plating).

Gold plated crimp contacts are removable from the rear and retained by metallic clips. Mini-coax and thermocouple contacts may also be installed instead of standard contacts.

The hard insulator is a thermoplastic material. The insulators are fluid resistant as specified by MIL-C-26482G Series II / HE302 / EN3646, including Standard norms coming from earlier norms NFL54130 / NAS1599 / LN29504.

Front and rear silicone elastomer parts provide an effective seal between connector and cable and also at connector interface.


• Glass sealed hermetic
• Compact low profile - 30% shorter than the standard version
• Robust bayonet coupling according to HE302 standard, EN3646 standard qualified
• Solder cup contacts as well as PCB contacts
• Specific fuel tank version for long term fuel immersion
• Specific large square flange option to adapt an O’ring for an improved panel to connector sealing
• Bayonnet coupling
• Intermateable with MIL-C 26482 Series I and II
• RFI shielding plug
• Gold plated crimp contacts #20, #16, #12
• Minicoax contacts #16
• Hermetic version available


• Rail
• Aerospace
• Military