ARINC 600 Series Rack & Panel Rectangular Connectors

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Souriau's ARINC 600 series rack and panel rectangular connectors are high performance avionic equipment rectangular connectors compliant to ARINC 600 specifications. Providing high density up to 800 signal contacts, offering sealed and unsealed versions and multiple polarizing positions, the ARINC 600 series is available in a wide range of high performance rack applications.


  • Up to 800 #22 signal contacts
  • Up to 56 #8 quadrax contacts
  • Modular solution - Build your own connector matching your exact needs
  • EMI RFI shielding solution
  • Nickel and alodine plating
  • 100A power capabilty
  • Blind mate, Clearance device for better rackability
  • Low insertion force
  • Wide range of insulators and type of contacts: signal, power, coax, triax, twinax, ELIO® fiber optic


  • Cockpit display units
  • Avionics bay
  • Radar systems
  • Engine management
  • Batteries
  • Water management unit
  • Power unit management
  • Communications antenna
  • Electric bay
  • A/C systems