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Circular Lighting Connectors (UTL Series)

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Souriau UTL Series Circular Lighting Connectors are reliable, sealed plastic connectors able to carry up to 16A 277V, and designed to respect modern safety standards. They are the latest addition to Souriau's Trim Trio family. The stainless steel latch coupling system makes these connectors simple to use. Souriau UTL Series Circular Lighting Connectors are joined with an audible and sensitive "click" with the use of only one finger. The key shape of the coupling system makes the UTL series blind mateable.

The philosophy of the UTL series is built around three key elements--a dynamic IP68/69K rating, UV resistance, UL/IEC compliance. The UTL series is rated at IP68/69K, even in harsh conditions, meaning that the connectors remain sealed even when used continuously underwater or cleaned using a high pressure hose. The UTL series uses an outdoor-rated material, classified as "F1", to protect the connectors from extreme climatic conditions and UV rays. For the highest safety standards, the UTL series is UL 1598 and IEC 60598 qualified.


• Key shaped coupling with latching retention system
• eliminates wasting time to find how to connect the parts
• Designed to be overmoulded and secure against unwanted tampering
• UV resistant F1 material + IP68 is suitable for outdoor use
• Fire & smoke: UL 94 5VA - can be used in public environments
• Compliant with luminaires standard UL 1598, IEC 60598 for easy qualification of your system by regulation authorities