RC/RM Machined Contact AWG16

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A unique contact technology for a wide range of railway connectors. Qualified for railway applications, has machined crimp contact with low contact resistance (Gold plated). Good contact retention with a locking spring, suitable for automatic crimping.


  • Machined crimp contact
  • Contact body: High conductive copper alloy
  • Plating: K (Std) Min. 0.4μm gold all over, over nickel
  • Current per contact max.: 15A according to NFF61030
  • Contact resistance: ≤ 3 MΩ
  • Contact retention in body: 110 N min.
  • Individual insertion force: 3.5 N max.
  • Individual withdrawal force: 0.55 N min
  • RC/RM machined contact size 16 can be used in any contact position UTS, UTO, VGE1 and 838 connectors


  • Rail