StackiCap™ Surface Mount MLC Capacitors

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Syfer StackiCap™ surface mount MLCs are designed to provide high CV in compact packages and offer the greatest volumetric efficiency and CV per unit mass of any high voltage X7R ceramic capacitors available. Syfer has conceived, developed and protected, GB Pat. App. 1210261.2, a unique process in order to deliver this groundbreaking product. Combined with FlexiCap™ stress relieving terminations these parts have the potential to replace film and tantalum capacitors and make many stacked products obsolete. StackiCap™ are suitable for many applications such as switch mode power supplies for filtering, tank and snubber, DC-DC converter, DC block, voltage multipliers etc. and will provide huge benefits in applications where size and weight is critical. At this moment 1812, 2220 and 3640 case sizes have been launched and are commercially available, sizes up to 8060 are still under development. Specific ordering information available in the datasheet.


  • Switch Mode Power Supplies
  • Tank and Snubber
  • DC-DC Converter
  • Voltage Multipliers