Glass-encapsulated NTC Sensor Elements

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Sensors with faster response, more compact dimensions and higher temperature resistance are increasingly needed in the sector of temperature measurement with NTCs.

EPCOS offers an innovative solution: glass-encapsulated NTC sensor elements for temperature measurement with flexible electrical insulation (the G1541, G1551 and G1561 series). In addition to the benefits of the glass-encapsulated NTCs already available for some time, they offer insulation with a specified voltage resistance of 500 V DC/1s in NaCl solution. This assured voltage resistance obviates subsequent insulation, e.g. with Teflon tubes, and simplifies processing so that the costs incurred are significantly reduced. They can even be used in highly constrained insertion situations, such as in sleeves.


• Compact dimensions
• Very short response times
• High measurement accuracy and long-term stability
• High temperature resistance up to +300 °C
• Temperature tolerances from ±0.1 Kelvin
• Wide range of resistance values from 2 kV to 1.4 MV
• Series with various geometries and wire diameters


• Automotive (e.g. engine management)
• Home appliances
• Medical technology