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The MMZ Series Chip Beads find a home in a variety of applications including Automotive Electronics, Broadband Networks, IT Home Appliances, and virtually every other consumer, commercial and industrial electronics application. The MMZ series is offered in sizes ranging from 1005 (0402) through and including 2012 (0805), and is available in 5 distinct material types to suite the frequency and impedance characteristics to fit a very broad range of frequency, impedance, and current requirements that today's electronics designs demand.


• Multilayer construction
• Unique concept in conductor design to optimize performance at high (GHz range) frequencies
• Lead-Free and RoHS compliant
• Magnetically Shielded.
• Available in Case sizes as small as 1005 (0402)


• Automotive Navigation Systems
• Engine Control Management
• Cellular Phone
• Wireless LAN
• Digital Television
• Set Top Box
• Notebook PC