Serial Design MLCC (CEU Series)

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Automotive design often employs two distinct capacitors in series on the PCB for power supply and battery line to protect the circuit from a short. This is in the case of mechanical cracking of the MLCC. In conjunction with our existing soft electrode technology, TDK offers 2 capacitors in a single body construction as our CEU product line for ultra high reliability. Serial construction of the inner electrode prevents sudden insulation breakdown after flex crack formation and soft termination technology allows for better absorption of external stress while protecting the ceramic body. The combination of these technologies yield improved voltage and ESD performance over standard designs and decreased risk of short circuit failures and low IR due to mechanical flex cracks. 


  • Improved bending resistance (Board Flex Resistance)
  • Improved temperature cycle performance
  • Allows space reduction on PCB
  • Ultra high reliability
  • RoHS, WEE, and REACH compliant


  • Power supply without protective circuit
  • Automotive battery line
  • Smoothing Capacitors (Rechargeable battery in mobile equipment)
  • Applications which requires bending robustness
  • PB-Free Solder application in which solder joint reliability is problematic