CCR Series Chip Resonators

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The CCR series are surface mount ceramic chip resonators with frequencies ranging from 4 to 11 MMz and 16 to 50 MHz. CCR resonators include built-in capacitance for simplifying circuit designs. The construction of these piezo ceramic resonators allow small profile case sizes. Offered in both thickness shear mode (4.0 to 11 MHz) and 3rd over-tone thickness expansion mode (16 to 50 MHz).  


• Wide frequency range offered
• Small profile case sizes
• Low initial oscillating frequency tolerance (down to +/- 0.15% for frequencies 16 to 50 MHz.
• Compatible with reflow soldering
• Built-in capacitors
• Temperature range -40 to 85 degree C.


• Timing for microprocessors used in:
    ◦ Home appliances
    ◦ Automotive modules
    ◦ Computer and HDD applications
    ◦ Cellular phones
    ◦ Audio and video devices