SMT Inductors, SIMID Series 1210-100

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EPCOS' inductors, SIMID Size 1210 (EIA) or 3225 (IEC) has a rated inductance of 0.0082 µH to 100 µH and a rated current of 65 mA to 800 mA. Constructed of ceramic or ferrite core, laser-welded winding and flame-retardant molding.


• Temperature range up to 145 °C
• High Q factor
• High resonance frequency
• Qualified to AEC-Q200
• Suitable for lead-free reflow soldering as referenced in JEDEC J-STD 020C
• RoHS-compatible


• Filtering of supply voltages, coupling, decoupling
• Antenna systems
• Automotive electronics
• Telecommunications
• Consumer and data processing equipment Industrial electronics