Ferrite Chip Common-mode Filter (ACT Series)

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Aimed directly at the Automotive Market, TDK introduced the ACT45B series common-mode Ferrite Chip filter to North America. This product was previously launched in Japan. The ACT45B series is RoHS compliant, offering outstanding common-mode impedance characteristics and achieves structural reliability compatible with a high-temperature environment of 150 degrees C. Concentrating the ECU (Electronic Control unit) inside the engine room has become mainstream. These had previously been placed in the vehicle interior.

The ECU is now subject to harsh environments such as heat, humidity, and physical shock. Direct placement of the ECU on the engine surface, transmissions and motor-controlling devices is now a common practice.

Update 8/1/14:

TDK has released four new values in their ACT series Common Mode Filter products. Designed for CAN bus and FlexRay applications within the automotive segment, these parts offer very similar performance to the traditional ACT45 series products but are available in the more compact 1210 case size.


• Operating temperature range covers from –40 to +150°C
• Non-dissolution of the abutment amounts in circuit board mounting
• The products contain no lead and also support lead-free soldering
• This product does not contain regulated substances that are slated to be included in RoHS.


• CAN-BUS system
• Facsimiles
• Modems