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MMZ1005-E Gigaspira multi-layer gigahertz band chipbeads offer with the industry's highest impedance. Developed using original multi-layer technologies and ferrite material technologies, the new products extend to TDK's lineup EMC products suitable for eliminating noise over a wide band in the gigahertz range. In recent years, mobile devices such as mobile phones have incorporated numerous advanced functions in addition to the standard talk function such as terrestrial digital broadcast, FM broadcast reception and GPS functions. When they are used, each of these functions requires a different signal, and if radiated noise affects the reception antenna or high-frequency circuit units, reception sensitivity can deteriorate. Consequently, it is necessary to efficiently eliminate noise from high-density circuits and isolate each signal.As mobile devices become smaller and smaller, there are increasing demands for space-saving solutions. In response to these market needs, TDK developed high-impedance products that can efficiently eliminate noise over a wide band using a ferrite chip.


• Compared with the existing MMZ1005 type, this new product has broad-band impedance values for high frequency ranges
• Size standardized for use by automatic assembly equipment
• No preferred polarity
• Electroplated terminal electrodes accommodate reflow soldering
• High reliability due to an entirely monolithic structure
• Closed magnetic electrode structure enables high-density installation while preventing crosstalk between circuits
• Low DC resistance structure of electrodes prevents electric power loss
• It is a product conforming to RoHS directive


•Removal of signal line noise of:
◦ cellular phones
◦ PCs
◦ notebooks
◦ TVs
◦ TV tuners
◦ STBs
◦ audio players
◦ DVDs
◦ DSCs
◦ DVCs
◦ game machines
◦ digital photo frames
◦ car navigation system
◦ PNDs