Low Dissipation Disc Type Ceramic Capacitor (CC45, CK45-RR, CK45-RB Series)

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TDK’s Low Dissipation Disc Capacitors are ideal for applications requiring lower loss performance and high stability such as Resonant Circuits, Bypassing, Coupling, Lighting Ballast, and Snubber Circuits in a power supply. These CC45, CK45-RR, and CK45-RB series are capable of 125 degC operating temperature in its Halogen Free version and offers 5, 7.5, and 10mm lead spacing, with 1,000-6,000V voltage ratings and a capacitance range up to 4,700pF. The CC45 high voltage ceramic capacitors series are best suited (for temperature compensation), low dissipation factor and higher reliability has been achieved through the use of TDK’s original copper electrode material which allows for matching of the dielectric and ceramic dielectrics material to provide low dissipation factor. The CK45-RR type ceramic capacitors are mainly used as withstand voltage protection for power transistors and diodes of switching power sources, for controlling noise, and for absorbing high frequency pulses such as from color TV horizontal output circuits. The high density and high operating frequency of switching power sources create high equipment temperatures   The CK45-RR Series capacitors have lower dissipation, and have a lower self-heating temperature than the standard CK45 Series for general applications. This makes it perfect for high-frequency, high-voltage circuits such as color TV horizontal circuits


  • Low dissipation factor, and decreased self-heating temperature in the high frequency, and high voltage applications
  • Conforms to RoHS Directive due to lead(Pb) free of lead wire and internal solder material
  • Compatible with halogen-free external resin coating (TDK recommends halogen-free products as standard)
  • Flame-resistant reinforced outer insulation prevents fires, electrical shock, and other potential hazards (CK45 only)


  • Resonant Circuit
  • Bypassing
  • Coupling
  • Lighting Ballast
  • Snubber Circuit
  • LCD TV