Reverse Geometry MLCC (C Series)

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TDK’s Reverse Geometry or Flip Type capacitor offers industry standard case sizes in a "flipped" geometry construction. By rotating the orientation of the capacitor 90º, the current path through the unit is shorten and effectively lowers the parasitic inductance value. The flipped geometry requires the termination to be applied along the length instead of the width of the MLCC. Reduced ESL is necessary for noise decoupling in high speed applications.For decoupling capacitors the parasitic inductance generated by the capacitor needs to be small. This is to allow for higher resonant frequency. The parasitic inductance will add noise voltage spikes to the power line voltage. Because of the unique design of the reverse geometry type capacitor, the parasitic inductance is lower than the traditional multilayer ceramic capacitor. 


  • Flipped geometry provides low inductance (less than 400 pH)
  • Allows adequate high frequency current to IC
  • Provides stabilization of power line voltage
  • High frequency noise suppression
  • RoHS, WEE, and REACH compliant


  • Decoupling CPU/GPU power line
  • High speed digital IC power supply decoupling
  • PC, smart phones, camcorders, etc.
  • Networking system