Wireless Power Transfer Coils

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TDK wireless charging coils for smart phones and other mobile devices employ a proprietary flexible thin metal magnetic sheet, achieving an industry-leading thickness of only 0.57mm. These TDK wireless power transfer coil units are ultra-thin, lightweight and highly resistant to shock. The design of the coils minimizes the tendency toward rising resistance and achieves a power transfer efficiency that meets the requirements of the WPC Qi standard. These TDK devices also have a low height and an output current of 0.5 to 0.6A.


• Industry-leading thickness of 0.57mm
• Excellent reliability
• Ultra thin
• Light-weight
• Highly resistant to shock
• Low height -05. to 0.6A output current
• Meets WPC "Qi" standard


•Chargers for:
   ◦ Smartphones
   ◦ Digital cameras
   ◦ Bluetooth headsets
   ◦ Other similar devices